The 2011 Convention has been cancelled. If you've already registered, you will receive a refund.

2011 Convention

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Supporters And Vendors

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Needle and Thread

Information for Vendors

Vendors provide an opportunity for attendees to explore products that interest them, discover new items, and take advantage of special pricing.

We are still developing the vendor's package and the advertising rate sheets. The current plan is to offer three levels of advertising and vendor services.


A vendor would be part of the Trade Show. This would include a web page (Vendors Booth) to display products, offer specials, link into other content, and provide any other web display. A forum will be provided for direct or live conversation. A chatroom is possible as a scheduled live event. And advertising would be included (see the Display Advertising discussion).

The only service that we will try to avoid at this time is a direct sales channel. This is to reduce the number of potential problems for our first convention. We'll instead direct a customer to the vendor's merchant system.

Display Advertising

Along the right side of the website, space is available for display advertising. We'll limit the ads to products and services that are of interst to attendees. An add will be part of the Vendor's package. We are also developing a rate sheet for those who only want to advertise.


Some form of classified advertising will be free to any paid attendee. The ads would be simple text with links and no pricing involved. I foresee this as a place for attendees to post "Looking For..." or "Want To Swap..." or "Contact if you are interested in..." ads. This will be called the Swap Meet.