The 2011 Convention has been cancelled. If you've already registered, you will receive a refund.

2011 Convention

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Needle and Thread

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Searching for a specific bookmark to add to your collection? Interested in selling part of your collection? Looking to trade a few bookmarks?

All registered convention attendees can post a classified before, during, and after the convention.


Free Bookmarks

We were given a huge set of bookmarks from an estate in England. Our contact wanted to make sure that they would go to homes that would appreciated them.

There are so many that we couldn't possibly provide an individual picture of each one. However, we did take some group shots to give you a sense of the types (and number) that are available.

We will make these available to attendees at the convention. Let us know what you are interested in and we will try and determine an equitable way to distribute them.

We will ask for the cost of postage.

We now have a fourm post where you can leave your name and contact information along with type of bookmarks you're interested in.

From Deanna Dahlsad

I just started an art directory at U3, and I'd like to let those convention participants who create &/or sell handmade bookmarks (or sell supplies for such) to add their links to the site for free (one listing each).

All they'd need to do is fill out the form (ignoring the PayPal part) and then let me know they are, confirming they registered/presented at the convention. (They could just post in the forum or email me or whatever.)